Decoding MS Recordings: the way of the command line

Recently, I bought a Mid/Side (M/S) microphone. Contrary to other stereo recording techniques (X/Y, Bloomlein), M/S recordings need to be decoded to stereo before they are useful. The decoding technique is relatively easy to implement in any DAW or audio editor. There are even specialised plugins that will do this for you. But, if you speak Bash, do read […]

Running Background Tasks In DropWizard with Guava

Recently, I wrote a RESTful web service in Java 8 using Dropwizard.Dropwizard is a breath of fresh air, a simple, lightweight, getting-things-done approach to RESTful web service design. In this post I will demonstrate how to combine Dropwizard’s Managed objects with Guava’s concurrency primitives to write a simple background task for each of our instances […]

Genignore v0.5.1

Genignore 0.5.1 is out with initial python 3 support (provided by six) and a bit of refactoring. Just pip install –upgrade genignore. As always, feel free to open a github issue for enhancements, bugs etc..