Exploring generative long music form

I am exploring generative possibilities for long slow music form. I can kind of trace different influences for this: “Ambient”, Eno, Arvo, Nyman, Mertens, Feldman. Generative techniques, Greek modal instrumental and vocal laments, and similar contemplative music traditions. Dunno where that leads but I am very interested in darker, sorrowful shades of this continuum. Also, […]

WordPress.com API from Python: Private blog posts.

This is was a static site, generated by a Python script. I liked it that way. It’s flexibile, ages well, and experimentation is easy. But I want to add my instagram pics, tweets, and wordpress posts into it. Luckily, these days I have a wordpress.com private blog acting as a quasi-PESOS bucket. Using ifttt, I collect my various […]

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