Software behaviour

This article's top highlight has had me thinking: Software is simply the encoding of human thought, and as such has an almost unbounded design space. I disagree with “simply”, if it means “merely/just/straightforwardly/plainly”. Yes, software behaviour tends to be predetermined by humans. But look at AlphaGo: It's behaviour was not predetermined. Move 37 was in […]

Euclidean rhythms in Python

Recently I’ve been playing around with Euclidean rhythms. Exploring stacked polyrhythms and asymmetrical looping. I tend to prefer it’s output when not using gcd-based numbers (the original paper used it to recreate middle-eastern/traditional rhythms). The Python implementation I am using

Decoding MS Recordings: the way of the command line

Recently, I bought a Mid/Side (M/S) microphone. Contrary to other stereo recording techniques (X/Y, Bloomlein), M/S recordings need to be decoded to stereo before they are useful. The decoding technique is relatively easy to implement in any DAW or audio editor. There are even specialised plugins that will do this for you. But, if you speak Bash, do read […]

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