In December 2018, I set out to record soundscapes of springs, waterfalls and reservoirs of Kithira. My first stop was Keramari Springs, Karavas.

pro tip: start playing more than one recording(s) and adjust volume levels separately for a slightly richer result. Additionally, right-clicking and selecting loop on each of those, will keep the water flowing :)

Keramari spring 1. Originally recorded at 96KHz/24bit mono. Fostex FR2, Sennheiser MKH70.

Keramari Spring 2. Sony ICDSX1000 with Ambient Tinymike.

this recording was a bit off and not included, but the pic was worth it! :)

Keramari Spring 3 (closer to a drain pipe). Sony ICDSX1000 with Ambient Tinymike.