Panos Kountanis

Software dude. Masterful with embedded systems, mobile, web, APIs, big data, e-travel, e-commerce, CMS, LMS, polls, DSP and more. Mentor and lead. ♥ Open source. Flirt with data science. Automattician. Into field recording, sound design, music composition. I play tenor saxophone, guitar and mandola. Lefty. Own thoughts.

Kithira is a cool place.


  • Simple CircuitBreaker in Python

    If an app is communicating with remote/networked software (think databases, key-value stores, webservices and queues to name a few) it can and will fail.

  • Η ασάφεια

    Η ασάφεια δηλαδή, συγγενεύει με τη κενολογία.

    – Ιωάννα Παπαζαφείρη, “λάθη στη χρήση της γλώσσας μας”

  • Macbook pro BT wireless fix

    This worked (originally here)

    I know how to solve this problem had the same issue, its basically because you BTHome hub runs a 5GHz frequency a long with a 2GHz frequency and for some reason your mac tries to connect to that even though they dont have the techologies will allow them to run on that frequency, making you not connect to the internet. To fix this log into your homehub settings onlin by going to http://bthomehub.home/ then going to advanced settings, wireless which should be under it and then click on the 5GHz and turn it off or rename it and click apply. So you can make your laptop connect to the correct frequency. IF you can connect to the internet on your laptop then you can still do the same steps and process on your phone or any device that connects your BThomehub.

  • Python greek numeral converter

    Quick code for converting to Greek Numerals. Doesn’t handle Myriads.

  • Don't make me think: Coffeeshop edition

    At the coffeeshop, I order two cups of iced coffee for takeout. The waitress asks if I prefer she put them into a carton holder or a plastic bag.

    I answer “carton holder” (probably because it’s recyclable).

    I am reminded of Don’t Make Me Think.

    Great apps let users accomplish tasks easily, directly. Coffeeshops should too! Don’t complicate the order. Don’t ask me! Instead, design a better takeout container.

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