July 25

July 16 - 24

  • Some tomatoes ready for picking
  • Tying up totatoes vertically with iron rods
  • Picked armenian cucumber (acur)
  • Picked ambelofasoula.

July 14

I cut the largest zucchini. More Zucchini. More Armenian cucumber.

July 2

Tied up and pruned cherry tomatoes.

June 30

Watermellons weeds and tomatoes started growing a lot!

June 25

Pulling weeds

June 19

Away from farm, but zucchini were picked and weeds pulled.

June 12

Sprayed Burgundy mix in tomatoes, melons, watermelons. Picked zucchini

June 11

Picked zucchini. Learned about sulfur powder spraying and bought some. Cost about $4 for 4 pounds. Need to pick a day with minimum wind and spray everything.

Cut bottom zucchini leaves. Trimmed/pruned tomatoes, added bigger bamboo sticks to some.

June 5

Picked some zucchini. Trellis around tomatoes. Tied them too. Pulled weeds. Pulled some of the melons out as well as they were very close to each other.

June 4

Picked some zucchini.

June 2

Pruned and added mulch to cherry tomatoes. Pruned dryfarm tomatoes.

May 31

Pruned tomatoes. Tied them too. Pulled weeds. Green beans keep sprouting. Mellons/watermelons are getting bigger. Zucchinis flowering and fruit is growing.

May 28

tomatoes grew much, as well as evrythin else including weeds. Need to tie these up a bit

26-27 May

rained much

25 May

first zucchini showing

20 May

some ampelofasoula sprouted

15 May

watermellons/melllons sprouted

10 May


6 May

planted green beans, melons, watermelons

5 May

Planted tomatoes, zuccini


End of April

Mid-April Tractor plough tilling


Mid february tractor plough tilling