Professionally, I have been a Software Engineer and/or Lead for the last 10 years. I have worked for a range of systems and domains: Embedded systems, mobile, web, APIs, big data, e-travel, e-commerce, CMS, LMS, polls, DSP and more. I have been a Mentor and a lead. I ♥ Open source, ML & data science. Currenty an Automattician.

Into field recording, sound design, music composition. I also play tenor saxophone, guitar and mandola.

This website is my personal thoughts and media. You can also find projects at the intersection of Music technology, DSP, programming and interactivity.


Web things that go "plonk"

  • Autocorrelation Tuner, a React/Redux spartan autocorrelation-based instrument tuner.  (Web Audio API data -> Redux state might be interesting to non-musicians).
  • Euclidean Sequencer (Web Audio API and React/Redux)


Field Recording Setup

  • Fostex FR2
  • Sennheiser MKH70
  • Pearl MS 8CL
  • Barcus-berry 4000


  • Sony ICDSX1000
  • Custom stereo pair
  • Ambient tinymike

Supporting this site

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