Professionally, I am a Software Engineer for the last 9 years. I have Worked for a range of systems and domains: Embedded systems, mobile, web, APIs, big data, e-travel, e-commerce, CMS, LMS, polls, DSP and more. I have been a Mentor and a lead. I ♥ Open source, ML & data science. Automattician.

Into field recording, sound design, music composition. I also play tenor saxophone, guitar and mandola.


Web things that go "plonk"


  • fft.js, a Danielson - Lanczos FFT algorithm implementation in pure JavaScript
  • genignore, a .gitignore generator in Python
  • msproc, a MS -> Stereo WAV decoder (C++/Juce)

Field Recording Setup

  • Fostex FR2
  • Sennheiser MKH70
  • Pearl MS 8CL
  • Barcus-berry 4000


  • Sony ICDSX1000
  • Custom stereo pair
  • Ambient tinymike

Supporting this site

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  • On some places, I add Amazon affiliate links. If you end up buying through that link, I get a commision.