Software engineer, mentor and lead with +10 years of experience. Web apps, APIs, data science, mobile and embedded systems. I care and design for scalability. I have a very strong background in e-travel, booking engines and e-commerce. I ♥ Open source, ML & data science. Currently anAutomattician.

I also make music, design sound and field-record. I play (tenor) saxophone, clarinet, guitar and an assortment of mandolins.

My site’s content is a mix of music, sounds, images and (creative) coding. Also on Github, Soundcloud, bandcamp

Pages that “plonk”

  • Autocorrelation Tuner, a React/Redux autocorrelation-based instrument tuner.  (Web Audio API data -> Redux state might be interesting to non-musicians).
  • Euclidean Sequencer (Web Audio API and React/Redux)


Field Recording Setup

Fostex FR2
Sony ICDSX1000
Sennheiser MKH70
Custom stereo pair
Pearl MS 8CL
Ambient tinymike
Barcus-berry 4000
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