Professional software dude, lead and application architect. I have engineered Embedded systems, Mobile Apps, Web apps/APIs and big data pipelines. Masterful in domains like e-travel, e-commerce, CMS/Publishing, LMS, Polls, DSP and more. I ♥ Open source and flirt with data science. I work with Automattic, maybe you should too.

Started programming while studying sonology. Into field recording (setup), sound design, music composition/production. I play tenor saxophone, guitar and mandola.

Home? Good question: could be any of Kithira, Patra, Athens, The Hague, Edinburgh, London, …? I speak Greek, English, Italian and Dutch. Lefty.

Web things that go “plonk”


  • fft.js, a Danielson - Lanczos FFT algorithm implementation in pure JavaScript
  • genignore, a .gitignore generator in Python
  • msproc, a MS -> Stereo WAV decoder (C++/Juce)

Field Recording Setup

  • Fostex FR2
  • Sennheiser MKH70
  • Pearl MS 8CL
  • Barcus-berry 4000


  • Sony ICDSX1000
  • Custom stereo pair
  • Ambient tinymike