I use either macOS or Debian as my daily drivers.


Software Development#

  • Editor: vim
  • IDE: Anything from jetbrains on Vim mode
  • Shell: Bash (w Tmux)
  • Utilities:
    • fzf: Great for finding anything within vim or the shell
    • rg: Great for searching anything
    • Alacritty


  • Notes: plain textfile
  • Todos: plain textfile
  • Password Manager: 1Password
  • Personal Wikis: I have used Dokuwiki and Tiddlywiki


  • DAW: Reaper
  • VSTi's: u-he Zebra, NI Battery, Surge, JSFX Plugins, Sfortzando
  • Music Programming: SuperCollider, Puredata, Reaper JSFX
  • Audio Editor: Audacity
  • Other: ffmpeg, lameencoder, handbrake

Web Apps#

  • OS: Debian w Systemd, ufw, fail2ban
  • Server: Nginx Or Caddy
  • Database: PostgreSQL/MySQL/Sqlite
  • Object Cache: Redis
  • App Backends: Python, Go, NodeJS
  • Configuration Management: Ansible or plain-old Bash


  • Plain CSS/ES5/ES6
  • Mithril on ES5/ES6, CSS
  • React on ES6, using SASS, packed with Webpack

Mobile Apps#

  • React Native

Desktop Apps#

  • Electron.

DSP/WebAssembly Apps#

  • C, Rust